Guidance’s, Explanatory videos and Publications

The section describes Biotic Ligand Models and their use in risk assessment, as well as the development of the bio-met bioavailability tool (user-friendly BLM) and supporting tools.

User guide

bio-met User Guide 5.1. The bio-met manual has been updated together with the release of bio-met v5.1.

Explanatory videos

The following explanatory videos have been made to guide you through to the process of calculating local HC5.

  1. Downloading bio-met

2. Data entry in bio-met

3. Data extraction from bio-met

Hardness conversion tool

Hardness conversion tool. The bio-met hardness conversion tool can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet. This tool can be used to convert water hardness values (i.e. calcium carbonate concentrations) to calcium concentrations.


Presentation SETAC Metal Interest Group 2019, a presentation on the update of bio-met to v5.0 presented at SETAC Helsinki MIG meeting (May 2019)

Poster SETAC 2017, a poster  on bio-met v4.0 presented at SETAC Europe 2017 in Brussels (May 2017).

Poster on bioavailability

Workshop report on metal bioavailability under the Water Framework Directive

Technical guidance to implement bioavailability (Working Group Chemicals, October 2021)